Business Lines

Our partners come from the following sectors :

Composite materials are heavily used in boat building, accordingly "SOLUTIONS COMPOSITES" is a major sub-contractor for companies such as Zodiac. Production consist in different parts and accessories for boat ( seats, box,  driving wheel)

Railway industry
The degree of requirement of railway industry is very high; complex elements requiring particular and complex moulds with in most cases inserts that needs to be positioned in particular positions in order to be easily assembled without waste of time, as well as resins fulfilling the requirements for "fire/fume" resistance in addition to a high quality finish.

The industry of leisure
We are producing parts for interior as well as external fittings, in addition to sport articles and leisures (benches, elements of swimming pools, components of camping vans. …).


Chemical industry (corrosion resistant products )
One of the wishes of the managers of the company was always diversification. Thus, SOLUTIONS COMPOSITES developed products such as manholes. The company develops and manufactures also products intended for the chemical industry such as tanks and cabins for waste storage.

Solutions Composites

Solutions Composites is a leader on the Tunisian and north african market in the area of composite processing. The company has a production plant exceeding 4500 m2 equipped to respond to all types of projects that can be suggested by our customers. The plant has been built according to latest standards regarding safety and health environment. The company is equipped with state of the art equipment and the company management has more than 30 years of practical experience and know-how in the area of composites manufacturing. The company offers its full range of services in hand lay-up and spray-up processes, in addition to RTM and RTM light (infusion). The company is an ISO-9001 V2008 and ISO14001-v2004 certified company.

Site location

The company "Solutions Composites" is located in the city of Hammam Zriba, part of the province of Zaghouan, the area is well deserved by a modern road network and it is only at one hour drive of the principal seaport of Tunisia. 

Industrial park Hammam Zriba 1152 Hammam Zriba 
Tunisia Tel: +216 72.677.254 
Fax: + 216 72.677.352
General Managment

General Manager : HAMMAMI Adel
Production Manager : CHAABANE Adel